Rachel Wetzsteon


Rachel Wetzsteon, PhD

Shaman and Lifeforce Coach

Did you know that you can live a joyful life? You donít have to push and struggle to get through the day feeling a lack of energy, purpose, or health. Our thinking and our emotional states cause our lack of ease. Thus, dis-ease presents itself in our lives in the form of emotional struggles, physical disease, injuries, financial issues, and/or relationship and sexual issues. We all have our loving moments, but too often we spend time at low-vibration levels, which include feelings of grief, guilt, fear, and shame. In order to attain higher vibration levels, such as love, joy, and peace, we need to clear the dense energies from our energy field. Happiness is not really a choice. As long as we are carrying dense energies in our field, happiness will feel like a struggle.  In order for us to live with inner-happiness and ease, we have to clear our energy field, thus healing our thought processes and healing our bodies. Our environment is a mirror to our inner-reality, so if our days are not flowing with ease we must go inside ourselves to solve the issues, rather than blaming the world. We are meant to live joy-filled lives that flow with ease, abundance, and perfect health. Let me help you let go of the rules and limitations you have set for yourself, and reveal the real you - living joyfully from your soul.


Over the past 2-years I experienced inner-transformation and physical healing through practicing self-love and forgiveness, as well as through meditation and energy healing. I am very enthusiastic about helping people enjoy an uplifted quality of life by healing emotional states and changing thinking that contribute to dis-ease. In 2011, I experienced an awakening and calling to shift my lifeís work from research to healing in order to assist people in awakening to their joyful self. I also became certified in LifeForce coaching to assist with issues related to self-love and forgiveness, which inhibit us from being our true radiant selves.

In 2007, I attained my PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Minnesota. I then spent 3 years as a postdoctoral research fellow with the Childrenís Hospital of Philadelphia. I am also certified in group fitness and personal training.

I spend my free time with my lovely husband, Allan, and our two sons, Kanen and Weston. I enjoy reading, engaging in physical activity, and spending time outside with my boys. I hope to see you soon!

Contact Information: Phone #: 612-325-3348

Email: rachel@rachelwetzsteon.com

Website: www.rachelwetzsteon.com

Healing Modalities:

Lifeforce Coach--

A session includes Lifeforce coaching using spiritual concepts/universal laws for creating a dis-ease free life, in addition to energy healing utilizing Shamanic techniques for physical and emotional issues.

Fees, Special Discounts:

Session Fee - Rate is $225 per hour.

Payment Options: Cash or Credit Card accepted.

Cancellation Policy: Kindly provide 24 hours notice.